About Us


Ajita Sil-Chem Pvt.Ltd. is a large-Scale international standerd ceramics enterprise specialized Wall & Floor tiles during more than 10 years. Creating flagship brand " Safari Gold " with fine quality and winning market with good service,Ajita Sil-Chem Pvt. Ltd. has established a good reputation in the industry as well as among consumers at home and abroad. It has obtained honors Brand and has passed " ISO9001-2000 International Quality Management System. " Safari Gold " Brand is one of the earliest domestic enterprises production lines, international markets with nearly 10 years of experience with world-class ceramic production lines, " Safari Gold " is specialized in production and sales of Digital wall tiles, Digital & Heavy Duty parking tiles & Vitrified tiles inheriting international quality in accordance with international leading quality standaeds.



The Mission of the company is to increase the effectiveness and impact of the results of research in the varied scientific and socio-cultural fields that are geared towerd seeking solutions to the fundamental suffering and limitations of humanity.


Moreover, that is the magic seacret. Our success team work where other systems do not. Wishes and dreams need many friends,because it takes more than desire to make a wish come true. You need ongoing. sustained effort over an extended period. Youneed support and encouragement when times get tough, and you run into the inevitable interruptions, setbacks, and fears that are part of every journey to the top. You'll run into obstacles that seem insumountable. However, our team meets every week, and that's why we keep going. The team brainstorms new solutions to new problems; the team dedicatedly works on group vision and mission. The support is what makes the difference between success and failure: not your attitude, your mantra, or your toothpaste; just lots of ongoing help.